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Rasmus Klump

Rasmus Klump - Wooden puzzles - Mary

Rasmus Klump - Wooden puzzles - Mary

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SKU: 7490
EAN: 5704976074908

Beautiful wooden puzzle in a frame with a well-known motif, of Skibet Marry and Rasmus Klump on adventure, will bring many hours of play and development for the little ones. When we put together puzzles, we use both hemispheres of the brain, as we both have to visualize/imagine how the puzzle must look and at the same time find the pieces up and down and thus make the whole puzzle come together Advantages of puzzles • Development of the child's eye and hand coordination, • Gross and fine motor skills • Color recognition • Figure understanding • Strengthens memory • Problem solving • Patience and immersion. For the smallest children, you should start with a simple puzzle with few and large pieces. As the child gets older, the puzzles should also become more difficult and contain more and smaller pieces.

Suitable for children aged 3+

Contains 24 pieces and each measures 22.5 x 31 x 1cm

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