Learning Circle

Our work is based on the LEARNING CIRCLE, which ensures that our products cover the eight basic areas for a child's development

At Barbo Toys, we have a unique way of developing our products. The core of the process is our LEARNING CIRCLE. It consists of eight different skills, all of which optimize the optimal learning for the child. Children never just play. They expand their understanding of themselves and the world around them. Whether they are doing a puzzle, building a tower with staff blocks or playing a board game, they are constantly developing important skills.

The ability to understand and play with colors and shapes. The child's inherent creativity is in focus here. Through creative play the child develops his attentiveness, focus and fine motor skills.

The ability to understand the concept of numbers, geometry and the language of mathematics provides children with a tool for understanding the world around them and help them master everyday problems.

The ability to understand oneself, one's own world and limits: Who am I. Include feelings, capabilities, ideas and actions.


The ability to wonder at nature, have a realistic perception of it, know where things come from and how people form part of nature's cycle and their impact on it. Children who become knowledgeable about nature are more inclined to take care of it.

The ability to distinguish between rhythm, notes and tunes and express them. It motivates the child to move and train its motor skills and strengthens the child's linguistic development.

The ability to use one's body for all types of activities, to express one's ideas and feelings and acquire body awareness. It is satisfying for the child to be able to master its body and beneficial for the child's motor development at all levels.

The ability to think while speaking, use (new) words and develop one's linguistic capacity through rhymes and small stories and through communicating with one's immediate surroundings. Language skills are key to forming social relationships and friendships as well as to obtaining information and knowledge.

The ability to understand others, read their mood, feelings and body language and learn to be part of social groups. Communities and social relations are important factors in a child's development because this is where the child gets recognition and sees its own strengths and importance.