Barbo Toys is a Danish toy company that designs and develops quality toys with a strong focus on the learning value of the toy. We have been designing and developing quality toys for over ten years.

Barbo Toys works closely with licensors to create fantastic products from popular characters such as the Moomins, Peppa Pig, Alfons Åberg and the characters Pippi and Emil from Astrid Lindgren's beautiful stories. In the Barbo Toys family, we have created our Barbo Toys Classic series with a high focus on quality games, learning games and beautiful and educational wooden toys.

Our dedicated and creative team loves to brainstorm new and fun and educational toys for all our brands. Our focus is high learning value and decorative products that in addition to providing fun and educational play also look beautiful in any home.

All our products are designed in Denmark and tested according to European safety standards.

For Barbo Toys, play is an important part of a child's development, which is why we consider the playful child to be a young scientist who is researching and creating results.

Play is the children's job. To support this, we have developed BARBO TOYS LEARNING CIRCLE - on which all our products are based. The learning circle contains 8 skills such as knowledge of nature, language knowledge, mathematics knowledge, music knowledge, body knowledge, etc. When the child has been well around all these skills, they are well equipped for school time. Some products include all the skills of the Learning Circle, while others focus on a specific skill.