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Rasmus Klump

Rasmus Klump - Suitcase with Puzzle

Rasmus Klump - Suitcase with Puzzle

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SKU: 7446
EAN: 5704976074465

Step into the world of Rasmus Klump with our enchanting suitcase with a puzzle! This 24-piece puzzle. Crafted with care, each piece invites little hands to a playful challenge that enhances cognitive skills, fine motor development, and provides a delightful cultural glimpse into the beloved adventures of Rasmus Klump.

Imagine the joy as your child pieces together this vibrant puzzle, each piece unlocking a new layer of problem-solving prowess and hand-eye coordination. It's a perfect fusion of fun and learning, where every fit is a step towards greater patience and attention to detail— a true celebration of childhood curiosity.

And when it's time to set off on real-world adventures, this durable suitcase becomes the perfect travel companion, keeping the spirit of discovery alive whether at home or on the move.

Perfect for children aged 3 and above. 

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