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Astrid Lindgren

Pippi Pancake Game - DK/SE

Pippi Pancake Game - DK/SE

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SKU: 8609
EAN: 5704976086093

Who can collect the most pancakes?

Pippi and her friends love pancakes. and they can eat a lot! Now you have to help collect pancakes for a nice party dinner in villa villekulla. in the game, Tommy & Annika give you pancakes, the horse Lille Gubben helps you go faster and Pippi sends you down a new path, where you find as many as four pancakes. But you can also meet a hungry thief who grabs one of your pancakes or the crab that sends you three squares back to a square that, luckily, can give you more pancakes. On the other hand, watch out for the officer who holds you back so you have to wait a turn. if you are the first to finish, you will receive four extra pancakes. But now it gets exciting, because the winner of the game is the one with the highest pancake tower at the end.



1 record player

4 plate pieces

100 pancake pieces

4 playing pieces

1 cube

1 set of game rules

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