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Ib Antoni

Ib Antoni - Art Puzzle - 1000 pcs - Royal Guard - FSC

Ib Antoni - Art Puzzle - 1000 pcs - Royal Guard - FSC

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SKU: 7551
EAN: 5704976075516

Discover the magic with our fantastic 1000-piece puzzle featuring a Royal Guard theme by the famous Danish artist Ib Antoni.

Dive into a world of colors and imagination with the puzzle, a world that only a master like Antoni could create. Ib Antoni was a true master in advertising illustration, design, and poster art. His works have fascinated and delighted people in Denmark, the USA, and many European countries for decades. With his unique blend of colors, humor, and creativity, he created art that managed to capture people's hearts and minds.

This puzzle is a tribute to Ib Antoni's legendary talent and his fondness for Copenhagen and Danish culture. Step into the heart of Copenhagen with the Royal Guard puzzle. In the puzzle, you get Ib Antoni's depiction of the Royal Guard in their magnificent uniforms. Ib Antoni captures the spirit of Denmark's capital and provides you with a royal experience like no other.

Puzzle size: 68 x 48 cm.

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