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Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig - Goodnight Puzzle

Peppa Pig - Goodnight Puzzle

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Teach your children about having a good bedtime routine with these 10 mini puzzles with Peppa Pig. The cute illustrations motivate the child to learn about some simple bedtime chores by matching the puzzle pieces. Each puzzle consists of 2 pieces. One example on a puzzle could be Peppa Pig who brushes teeth and here the child needs to find the matching piece with the toothbrush. Puzzles are a really good learning equipment for your child. When we play with puzzles, we use both hemispheres of the brain, as we both have to visualize/imagine what the puzzles are going to look like when assembled whilst having to figure out which pieces should be placed right or left, up or down. Especially the youngest children have to have both hemispheres stimulated, at an early age, as that is where their brains are evolving the most. There are many advantages to laying puzzles including the development of the child's eye-hand coordination, gross motoring, fine motor skills, color recognition, character understanding, memory, problem solving, patience, social skills, relaxation, and immersion. With the youngest children, you should start with a simple puzzle with only a few large pieces. As the child gets older, the puzzles should also become more complicated and contain smaller pieces. Barbo Toys products are designed with passion in Denmark and prioritize sustainability and high-quality materials and innovative game ideas that are intended to support and stimulate the child's imagination and learning development.

Suitable for children at 3+ years of age.

20 pcs.

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