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Wood Friends 4 room Mealtime Set

Wood Friends 4 room Mealtime Set

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SKU: 5396
EAN: 5704976053965

Plate, Bowl, Tumbler and 2 spoons for babies and toddlers

Wood Friends dinner set, designed with cute forest animals. The set include 1 plate with 4 rooms, 1 bowl and 2 spoons. The set is BPA free. 100% Melamine.

Sharing meals with your kids is a fantastic chance to connect and teach them important life skills. Dinners help kids improve their language, communication, and social skills, making it easier for them to express themselves and expand their vocabulary. Further children can learn table manners, sharing, and taking turns, improving their social interactions. This set can also help children develop better hand-eye coordination, a skill that comes in handy in many activities.

Dishwasher safe. DO NOT use in microwave.

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