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Wacky Wonders

Wacky Vehicles - Rør og Føl - Traktor og Transportvenner - DK

Wacky Vehicles - Rør og Føl - Traktor og Transportvenner - DK

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SKU: 21624
EAN: 9788794216241

Embark on a delightful journey with 'Tractor & Transport Friends: Look, Touch & Feel'! This captivating touch-and-feel book from Barbo Toys is your ticket to a world where tractors are funny and every vehicle is a friend waiting to be met. Each turn of the page brings the excitement of a new tactile experience—from the rubbery tires of a tractor to the smooth feeling of a shiny red helicopter.

This book is designed not just to entertain with its vibrant illustrations and friendly faces but also to educate through sensory play. It's a hands-on way to help develop your child's fine motor skills and their understanding of the world.

As with all Barbo Toys creations, 'Tractor & Transport Friends' is crafted with love and care in Denmark, emphasizing sustainability and high-quality materials. This book supports the philosophy of 'learn through play,' actively fostering your child’s imagination and developmental milestones in a fun and engaging manner. It's perfectly suited for children aged 1 year and up, making it a wonderful addition to your little one's first library.

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