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Wacky Wonders

Wacky Wonders - String the Clock

Wacky Wonders - String the Clock

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EAN: 5704976063568

Teach your child about the clock with this Wacky Wonders cards and lace game. The five cards in the box and the associated lace is an ideal and fun start for your child to learn the clock. The lace is passed through the hole at the top of one of the cards with the cute illustrations, and now the lace must be wound from the digital clock to the matching analog clock. On the back there is a pattern where the child can check if he or she has matched the clock correctly. Once the first card is finished, then the child has to put the lace in one of the other cards and continue the game. This product is ideal for learning the clock through funny play. Select one of the cards Pass the lace through the hole on the top of the card from the front side Begin at START and lead the lace to the result that fits. The cord is now carried behind and up to the next indent to the left Now lace to the next indent and match the result When you reach END, turn the card around to check if you have made the right match The cute drawings with lots of colors and animals help your child remember learning.

Our products are designed and manufactured according to the philosophy “learn through play” and actively support and stimulate the child's imagination and learning development.

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