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Wacky Wonders

Wacky Wonders - Storytelling Cards

Wacky Wonders - Storytelling Cards

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EAN: 5704976063803

Imagination Game for kids - Tell a story with this cards full of colorful illustrations

Fire up the children's imagination with these cozy story cards with whimsical illustrations from the sweet universe of Wacky Wonders. The story cards can help children get their imaginations going and practice their skills. The children find it easier to tell stories when they visually have a map to lean on. The cards can develop the children's vocabulary, memory training, language stimulation, enjoyment of storytelling, create immersion, imagination and creativity and observation skills. Start by drawing one card at a time and see where the story leads. As the imagination develops, more cards can be drawn where the motifs on the card must now be included in the story.

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