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Wacky Wonders

Wacky Wonders - Spelling Game DK SE

Wacky Wonders - Spelling Game DK SE

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SKU: 6382
EAN: 5704976063827

Learn how to spell easy words in Danish with this colorful Learning Puzzle Game

Turn learning into a game, with this colorful and playful Wacky Wonders spelling game which is illustrated with cute motifs from the Wacky Wonders universe. Each puzzle forms a word and the word is also illustrated on the puzzle. Once the puzzle is assembled the motifs of the spelled word will “appear”, which also works as a guideline for the child. In this way the child learns about letter and word recognition. The child also gets their hand/eye coordination stimulated as well as their logical sense.
In this spelling puzzle game, your child will have to assemble 10 puzzles that each will create 10 different words.
Suitable for children at 3+ years of age.

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