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Wacky Wonders

Wacky Wonders - Lace and learn - Rime

Wacky Wonders - Lace and learn - Rime

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EAN: 5704976063322

If your child loves to rhyme, here's a smart and fun way to learn to rhyme, with this Lace Rhyme game from Wacky Wonders! With this game you can practice wording and rhyme using fun illustrations, figures and fun elements.Choose one of the cards Pass the string through the hole on the top of the card Start at START and guide the string down to the appropriate result.The string is now passed behind and up to the next picture.Then you string the other pictures together At the END turn around the map Have you calculated correctly? The cute drawings with lots of colors and animals help your child remember the learning.

Barbo Toys products are designed with care here in Denmark and with a focus on sustainability and high quality materials. products are designed and manufactured according to the philosophy "learn through play" and actively support and stimulate the child's imagination and learning development.

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