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Wacky Wonders

Wacky Wonders - 120 words - Activity Book w Stickers - DK

Wacky Wonders - 120 words - Activity Book w Stickers - DK

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With this activity booklet, your child has the opportunity to practice the 120 most important Danish words in a fun and cozy way. Did you know that the 120 most common words in the Danish language make up more than half of any text? And if your child can spell and read these 120 words and have them "in stock", the child has at least 50 percent of the Danish written language as ready knowledge.

The activity book's many fun tasks support the child's professional development through play. The booklet contains a nice happy story, where five of the 120 words are practiced on each page. When you have been through the whole booklet, you have been well around the 120 words. The child must find the words in the easy-to-read story, find the words 3 times in a form and place the nice stickers in the right places on each notice. 

Once the tasks are solved, the child can award a star for a job well done! In addition to training and learning the language's 120 most common words, the booklet strengthens your child's ability to concentrate, vocabulary and understanding of reading direction. Most schools work very consciously and systematically with the 120 words, but if you want to do something really good for your child's reading and writing skills, you can also train and learn these words through play at home. There are hours of fun with this activity book with the 120 most important Danish words as a theme. 

A really good learning book for school-age children, as learning in this way becomes more visual. When your child sees the words many times, the words are recognized almost as a picture in the same way, as if you see a picture of the sun, then you do not think the letters s-o-l, but you just see the word sun.

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