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Rasmus Klump

Rasmus Klump - Learn Math

Rasmus Klump - Learn Math

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EAN: 5704976074397

This cute mini puzzle can be your child's first step on the road to learning to count. Together with the cute Rasmus Klump, your child can collect the 10 simple puzzles. These little puzzles are simple and easy to see, which is ideal for little ones. Children. Puzzle is a really good training and development you can give your child. When we lay puzzles, we use both halves of the brain, as we both have to visualize / imagine what the puzzle should look like and at the same time find up and down the pieces and thus get the whole puzzle going.There are many benefits to solving puzzles including developing the child's eye-hand coordination, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, color recognition, figure comprehension, memory, problem solving, patience, social skills and relaxation and contemplation. youngest children you should start with a simple puzzle with few and large pieces.As the child gets older, the puzzles should also become harder and contain more and smaller pieces.

Barbo Toys products is designed with care in Denmark and with a focus on sustainability and high quality materials. Our products are designed and manufactured according to the philosophy “learn through play” and actively support and stimulate the child's imagination and learning development.

Suitable for children aged 3+ years

Contain: 20 pcs

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