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Rasmus Klump

Rasmus Klump - Ceramic Mug

Rasmus Klump - Ceramic Mug

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SKU: 7480
EAN: 5704976074809

Sweet and decorative ceramic mug with Rasmus Klump and Pingo, on a simple red background. Rasmus Klump's happy smile is contagious and gives a wonderful start to the day.

Rasmus Klump is a beloved children's character, created by the Danish cartoonist Vilhelm Hansen in 1951. This adorable bear is known for his friendly personality as well as his adventurous spirit, which has captured the hearts of children over
worldwide for over 70 years.

Rasmus Klump and his best friends, Pingo the penguin and Pelle the pelican, live in Kandisbugten, where they go on exciting adventures, make new friends and learn valuable lessons along the way.

One of the reasons why Rasmus Klump has been so persistently popular is that his stories are both entertaining and educational. Children can learn about the importance of kindness, teamwork and environmental conservation through Rasmus Klump's many adventures, making the character a good role model for children.

The mug is dishwasher, oven and microwave safe and measures 8 x 8 cm

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