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Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig - Learn to Count

Peppa Pig - Learn to Count

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EAN: 5704976089735

Are your kids eager to learn a lot about numbers? Then you have found the perfect puzzle!

With these cute Peppa Pig puzzle, kids have to match numbers with pictures. The game contains 10 mini puzzles that only have two pieces. It is all about the children matching the numbers with the shapes. If, for example, the child takes the puzzle with the number 6, then you want the number 6 on the left piece. After this, the child must look at the pieces with the different illustrations and count up to the number 6. The game continues in this way until the child has matched all 10 mini puzzles.

These little puzzles are simple and easy to understand, which is ideal for young children.

Suitable for children aged 3+ years

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