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Moomin - Wooden baby puzzles - House

Moomin - Wooden baby puzzles - House

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SKU: 7288
EAN: 5704976072881

A beautiful and solid, frame-in-frame wooden puzzle with a familiar motif of Moomin, that will bring many hours of play and development to the little ones. This product develops your child's visual perception and fine motor skills. Puzzles are a really good learning equipment for your child. When we play with puzzles, we use both hemispheres of the brain, as we both have to visualize/imagine what the puzzles are going to look like when assembled whilst having to figure out which pieces should be placed right or left, up or down. Especially the youngest children have to have both hemispheres stimulated, at an early age, as that is where their brains are evolving the most.

Suitable for children aged 3+ years

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