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Moomin Fishing Game

Moomin Fishing Game

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SKU: 7270
EAN: 5704976072706

Let's go on a nice fishing trip with our friends from the Moomin universe. This beautiful game consists of 2 fishing rods, 10 different animals that live underwater and a box that can be transformed into a small fishpond. Come along to the water and discover the many colorful fish, turtles, crabs, seahorses, and starfish. The small players have to touch the fish with the magnets in order to fish them out of the water. Only when there are no more sea animals swimming around in the water, the winner is found, and the fishes can return to the water. This fun game helps kids develop their fine motor skills and their concentration. TIP: During the game you can explain to the children about the different animals that they catch. 

Suitable for children from age 3+ years

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