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Kebab-Matador DK

Kebab-Matador DK

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Danish popular Board Game for kids from 6 years

In a rise in Nørrebro, the Farooq family lives, Somoinder from India. It consists of father, whose desire is to live as the Danes, mother who, in addition to making a damn good chicken tikka, holder on father, Tariq, the nerdy brother and so of course, our protagonist. In their rise drilled Lovely cross section of Nørrebro: Baba Ganus, the kioske owner, who always has Polish cola on offer, Denstorracist Mr Wibrandt, who hates everything that does not Hardanbrog on him, Christian (Visander Arunburundi) Jacobsen, a pale Dane, who most often The gojenary around and feel like a very spirituality, loses Katanga from Jamaica, smoking somepokker's strong cigarettes and the final value Ali and his two driving sick sons, Hassanog Kaseem. It is always in this entrance, the atheies start and end. And it is always at Nørrebro that Iqbal and Tariq move at various kioskheelers, Grønthandlers and Polish connections, as their just as the business-like uncle Rafi G lay out with.and when it becomes too much, it is stopped on the grill where they get The black man's food: Kebab with chili so detront in the scale. In this environment, the fight has started, to become the proper gangster boss.

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