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Puzzle Pedagogue - Letter Memo

Puzzle Pedagogue - Letter Memo

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EAN: 5704976058052

Playing memory games is both fun and very educational for your children. 

Start the game by placing the cards face down, in random order. A player then turns over any two cards to see if they match each other. If they match, the player gets to keep them and turn over two more cards. The player continues playing until he or she cannot find a match. If the cards do not match, the player turns the cards face down again in the same location and the next player takes the turn. On each card there is a letter, a word and a motif that matches the word. This way you can teach your child about the word on the card.

The memory game - is full of brightly colored and cute motif. The game is simple and easy to learn, which is ideal for younger children. 

This cute memory game strengthens your child’s memory and helps develop your child's logical sense, observational ability, and concentration.

Suitable for children at 3+ years of age.

Contains: 58  pieces

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