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Alfons Åberg

Alfons Åberg - Fun with Math INT

Alfons Åberg - Fun with Math INT

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SKU: 7801
EAN: 5704976078012

This cute puzzle box contains 10 mini puzzles and can be your child’s first step on the way to learn some simple math. Teach your children simple calculations with the cute Alfie Atkins. There are motifs and numbers on both the front and back of the puzzle pieces that should help your child to learn about simple calculations. Let's take puzzle number four as an example. On the left side of the puzzle piece you will see the number 4 and on the right side you will see an illustration of 4 cats. Your child must now match the number four with the puzzle piece with the four cats. Once the puzzle is assembled, you can turn it around and here you will see an example of a simple calculation, with two cats on each side. Now you could ask your child, how many cats there are in total if there are two cats on the left side and two cats on the right side? This way you teach your child about the simple calculation such as two plus two equals four. These small puzzles are simple and easy to understand and are ideal for young children. 

Suitable for children at 3+ years of age

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