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Wacky Wonders

120 ORD - DK - Wacky Wonders

120 ORD - DK - Wacky Wonders

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Learn the 120 most used words in the Danish language

The cards are illustrated with colorful and fun shapes to create some recognition so the child can decode the words faster. When the child has gradually begun to be able to read and understand these words, the child will be able to read approx. 50% of an ordinary Danish text. It is important to teach the child to read these words quickly and effortlessly - and preferably as automated word pictures. Over time, it becomes MUCH easier for the child to recognize the words, which increases the child's reading speed significantly, and the child will therefore be able to spend the rest of his energy on decoding and understanding an entire coherent text. For extra training, there is a desk on the back of the cards, where the word can be written with a washable ink. Suitable for children aged 5+ years

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