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Wacky Wonders

Wacky Wonders - Memo

Wacky Wonders - Memo

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SKU: 6378
EAN: 5704976063780

Classic Memory Game with cute animal illustrations

In this memory game the bricks/pieces are decorated with the fun characters from the Wacky Wonders, that will excite the children. Flip two pieces and see if they match. If the pieces match, they are considered a pair, and now you can keep them. The player who collects most pairs wins. This cute memory game strengthens your child’s memory and helps develop your child's logical sense, observational ability, and concentration. Suitable for players of all ages. The memory game - is full of brightly colored images and selected motifs. The game is simple and easy to learn, which is ideal for younger children. Suitable for children at 3+ years of age.

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